Today we reveal one of the fundamental secrets for managing your hair at home.

  • You just went to cut your hair.
  • You’ve changed yet another hairdresser.
  • You immediately realized that even if they changed the cutting line, but your problem didn’t change.
  • You always find yourself with tips too empty.
  • The hair is always dry.
  • The hair is always opaque.
  • You can’t fix them when you wash them .. every morning you get up and you have to take the hairdryer to fix them in order not to risk the effect scares sparrows.

With all this, you certainly don’t have hair wow!

Isn’t that by chance they cut your hair using a trimmer (or toothed scissors)?

This tool is used by a fairly high percentage of hairdressers .. many use it because it is easy to use, for a hairdresser it is child’s play to use it! It is a scissor that does not show the holes, fast, in 15/20 minutes you can make a cut .. here now ask yourself why a cut costs 15 € instead another can cost 40. These scissors leave a tip very empty at the beginning make the hair more manageable due to the crease, but if you do not pass the brush at home, do not use a gel, etc. you will never manage them and when those that have been cut shorter start to grow goodbye shoot all.

The cut will, therefore, last less certainty and you will end up with an unmanageable head.

Another tool used is the razor or filling, this tool scratches the hair! So it’s even worse!

“My hair is not in place”: but of course! The hair, to do things well, having obviously also the correct knowledge, must be cut with full blade scissors, the time of a cut will be 30 minutes, it obviously gets longer because things are done in a certain way.

Also in this period going to the sea, in the pool, with the sun, the heat, things will definitely not improve .. they will surely get worse because your hair is very fragile, with those tools the hair will be thinner. With the summer they will become more dehydrated! Who knows how they will be at the end of the summer!

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