Today I want to ask you questions:

  1. When you dry your hair, it is smooth and disciplined, but after a while, it swells and takes on a life of its own.
  2. If you dry them naturally they look like a weeping willow, an artichoke or a mushroom cloud.
  3. When you leave the house you are very attentive to the degree of humidity, your hair swells immediately, you are terrified of humidity.
  4. You have tried all the smooth, anti-frizz lines for the indomitable and dry foliage available on the market and you could write a treatise about it.
  5. You are a fashion expert, so much so that you could give lessons to a hairdresser!
  6. Never swim in the sea even if you are drowning.
  7. Never wash your hair in the gym or pool, you need your time ..
  8. Your color does not last more than 10 days .. above it fades more and more with each wash.

I have bad news for you: you’re kinky!

We know that many of you will recognize these problems … just you who have frizzy hair!

There are different types of frizzy hair:

  1. The natural frizzy hair: you were born like this .. the years go by and the frizz improves it, it’s always the same, it’s a natural crepe. Maybe you have slightly wavy, thin hair, so even the tip doesn’t have a nice movement(frizzy hair is one of the most difficult to treat at home)

The ruined frizzy hair:

  • Ruined by chemical treatments: frequent change of color, more treatments together, the color put on continuously over the entire length .. and then the hair becomes frizzy. It can also be ruined by a permanent, by bleaching, by ironing, by lightening.
  • Ruined by the use of certain products that attack the skin and hair, leading them to ripple even more. Or it may be that you didn’t use a moisturizer for your skin and hair. Your hair is not getting enough hydration.
  • Ruined by the wrong use of tools: they have so impoverished your hair with the use of wrong tools that your hair has become an incredible frizz!
  • Ruined by the continuous use of hairdryer and plate. Pista is one of the most deleterious tools.

Kinky hair is as delicate as thin hair!

Who is naturally frizzy, what can be done to help the hair to be less frizzy is to use products that do not create damage and do not worsen the frizz, therefore of moisturizing products!

Do not use thinning or cutting machines for cutting because they will ruin your hair even more.

As for the frizz derived from the hair ruined by various treatments, we can transform it by removing the “action” that ruined it, using non-aggressive products, let’s use products that go to give the wow effect to the hair, in this way we transform!

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