In this period we are doing several brides and we see many of them even around or on social media, but there are a particularly dangers, insidious that can go to compromise your beauty: perfection.

Is it a particular day, lots of attention to everything, from the dress to the favors, to the restaurant and then ..? You who are the real star, what do you do for your image? You’re satisfied, you rely on your hairdresser friend, but are you sure?

And the hair? Your look?

Today we will talk about the combination of makeup – wig how to create a star look because that day you are the stars! The bride!

It happens that the makeup, hair and dress items do not go in harmony, everything goes to their business. They have nothing to do with each other, they don’t have a bond and a sense between them. Beautiful makeup with a trivial hairstyle or a beautiful hairstyle with such and such a make-up.

With these assumptions, you surely cannot hope to be the stars.

Also make sure that you are offered and recommended the right dress for you, suitable for your body, that highlights your shapes … there are professionals you can trust.

Starting from the dress we go on talking about what concerns us .. remember that in any case, the dress must bring out the hairstyle and vice versa, they must be complementary, with the same style, the hairstyle must bring out your beauty do not pull out the defects.

In the photos, which will remain for the rest of your life, you risk not being so beautiful .. yes, because we have seen this too: make-up and hair that went to exalt small defects of the bride .. and in the photos many times the details not well defined, they risk being like a stain so you have to be very careful about who you trust.

At Revolution, we only use great professionals, able to give you guarantees on a perfect result!

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