We will explain to you how to choose the Best round brush.

The new year is about to begin, and the time has come to get rid of old items and renew your beauty case. The round brush hair is a must-have item for those with medium or long hair, curly or straight. So why not get one new?

What is the Round Brush Hair

The round hairbrush is a brush different from the others. While other brushes have teeth placed on a round or oval base, the round brush is formed by a central cylindrical body. The teeth of the brush are fixed around the central body, in alternate rows.

The round brush can be made of ceramic, wood, plastic, or other materials. The best content for the round brush? Ceramic! There is no doubt. The ceramic allows the hair to slip between the teeth of the round brush straightforwardly, without forming knots. The ceramic round brush, unlike the plastic brushes made, also do not trap dust and dirt.

Advantages of the Round Brush

We know the real effort that sometimes combs your hair coast. If you have long hair, curly or even just moved, every morning and every night it is the same story. You sit in front of the mirror, and spend hours trying to unravel knots, smooth, and govern your unruly hair.

The comb is tiny, and can not move with ease through all the locks, and you have a lot of hair. The round brush, in this case, is the best solution because:

  1. It allows you to comb the hair along their entire length with a single gesture
  2. His teeth longer able to reach the surface of the scalp by exerting a massage and revitalizing
  3. It ‘much more versatile comb and traditional brushes since it allows you to give your hair styling you prefer
  4. Even if you prefer a classic hairstyle that does not give too much attention, the round brush used together to hairdryers allows you to reduce the drying time to a minimum and hairstyling
  5. Finally, what about those who prefer traditional styling methods such as curlers? A round brush offers incredible performance for a comb, allowing you to untangle your hair and wrap it with ease around the curlers.

Because the Round Brush is Best Similar Products?

The range of accessories for hair styling is limited. If we consider the necessary accessories to the hairstyle, the field is narrowed further to a head, the hairbrush, and at most to the plate.

The round brush hair is better for these products as it exists in many types and varieties that adapt perfectly to the needs of different people. If we look more closely at this article, emerge other points that make the best round brush off any other similar accessory:

  1. The round brush allows you to give the maximum volume to your hair. To achieve this, you can touch the “backward” hair during blow-drying
  2. The round brushes, especially if they have teeth in non-allergenic and non-toxic, does not irritate the scalp
  3. The round brush, if made of high-quality materials, manages to avoid the electrostatic effect

Have you ever comb your hair, especially if they have very smooth and thin, and getting the repellent flat affect? You probably have used an incorrect type of brush to increase the volume.

Have you ever experienced an annoying itch after having used a brush? Maybe you used a brush made of inferior quality materials, which resulted in a slight irritation to the scalp.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, after styling your hair seem to be more unruly than ever? If you used a sparse quality brush, you’ve probably loaded ii hair of static electricity. The only way you can make them manageable is to back the shampoo.

In the summer, especially if you have short hair or medium length, it may not be a bad thing. But what about the winter when it’s cold and maybe it’s snowing outside? The round brush is better than other similar accessories because it avoids all these hassles!

How to Choose the Right Round Brush Hair for You

The best brush round is the round brush that suits your hair type, the length, and your requirements for staying. Here are some tips on choosing the round brush for you:

  • If you have medium length hair – choose a brush from the average diameter
  • if you have long or very long hair – a round brush from the largest diameter will be the perfect companion for your styling
  • if your hair is curly – the advice is to use a thin, round brush, able to untangle your rebellious curls in the best way
  • If you have wavy hair – you’re in luck! You can use brushes of all diameters, choosing based on the length of your hair
  • If you have straight hair and thin – choose a larger brush, so you can help your hair to get volume

Tips on Using the Round Brush

In time, even the best round brush can be damaged, so keep your round brush perfectly functional, you can take these easy tips:

  • Always store the brush in a housing made of natural materials, and breathable
  • Always clean the brush after each use to remove hair, dust, and impurities
  • guard your brush away from makeup, to prevent particles of the pigment of your eye shadow or lipstick, or even of the powders, from being deposited on the teeth
  • do not store the brush in damp places (for example next to the sink, the bathtub, etc.) to avoid that the moisture makes it more difficult to remove hair from the brush after use
  • Finally, if you use the round brush always remember to brush the hair from the top downwards, and from the inside outwards to give them higher volume