This direct is for you that you have long and frizzy colored hair! That you surely suffer from this problem if you don’t use best purple shampoo.

Now that we are in summer, the nightmare of the three colors increases! Even if, however, already during the year those who have long and frizzy hair, it can happen that they suffer from this problem .. because already this type of hair tends to make the color fade.

What do hairdressers do? Since summer has arrived, because of the sea, the salt, the sun, etc, they tend to darken the base .. this causes a dark root color and an inevitably lighter color on the lengths .. so to avoid all this we tend to bring the dark color also to the lengths, but this continuous draw of the color on the lengths provokes a further aggression to the hair.

Already the frizzy hair is a dry camp, so the continuous application of color on the lengths makes it even drier, since further hydration molecules are burned .. even if at the beginning, after application, the hair can seem more polished, fuller and more beautiful, in reality it is only an optical effect because even after the first wash, after the first exposure to the sun or going to the pool, the situation worsens further .. all this because, as we said before, having burned many hydration molecules, the color applied has no longer where to “cling”, so it goes down causing fading.

With all this, home management becomes automatically very very difficult! And surely it will not be the hours and hours of hairdryer and plate to make me get a good result .. indeed.

Frizzy hair needs hydration .. hydration is the key! So pay close attention to the products you also use at home.

At Revolution, in addition to using indicated and moisturizing products for scalp and hair, we also have a completely natural certified color, “the lands”, which passes over the lengths several times do not create any contraindication, rather they fill and benefit your frizzy hair!

If you want to discover all the secrets to improve your frizzy hair, come and visit us in the salon! Book your consultation on, we are waiting for you!

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