We are all influenced by new things, by fashion, but there is an enemy waiting for us around the corner “the bad copy”.

Today we will talk about fashion as for hair, of course.

“I would like hair like that artist like the girl in that picture…” and the risk of joining the bad copies is very high!

Even today, customers ask us for cuts/colors that have nothing to do with their face, with their hair type, with their cranial confirmation or with their style and they ask us all this just because it is fashionable!

“Since many people have that cut, then I want it too”.

And here the “bad copies” are born.

When a particular hairstyle is launched, a particular cut or a type of color, you will not believe it, but they are perfect for the model that presents them .. the product is fantastic because it is fantastic on her!

Certain types of special looks can’t all be worn!

And this is what we see continually happening .. how many times we have seen cut, or colors that were not good for that person yet for fashion we do everything!

You will never see a fashion launch with a person who is not suitable for that kind of look, the model has a type of face and hair that is suitable for that look .. on another person it could be ridiculous!

As we always tell you, our goal is the wow effect! A look designed just for you, 100% personalized.

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