This direction can be “a journey” to feel and be more beautiful, in which we will give you various tips.

The first question is: what do you want? What do you want? Do you want to look like that actress, that image, etc, or your goal is to be more and more beautiful by fully representing yourself?!

It may happen that just leafing through a newspaper we like the cut of a model, but how can you tell if we could be fine?

Today with this we will reveal some secrets about the right cut for you.

The perfect face is the oval face. Any type of cut is fine on this type of face, allowing eyes, allowing nose and allowing ears.

One of the important things is to make the face as oval as possible, or better, try to make it look as oval as possible.

The triangular face is a face that tends to end in a pointed shape, with a broad forehead, beautiful wide .. surely with the cut you should not place the volumes on the sides at eye level, but try to make the face as oval as possible, so the volumes have to be moved a little lower to fill, to give a more oval view of the face and as far as the high forehead is concerned, you can play with a fringe .. here are the foundations to have a beautiful line, to be most beautiful.

With a square face, what should you do instead? We need to smooth the corners and stretch it, for example with a line in the middle, to verticalize the face. Or if you love short hair, we take it upwards, we raise it also because a square face usually has a low forehead.

For a round face, use the same techniques as for a square face.

So don’t focus on a certain image, which might not even look good on you!

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