For the man who wears short hair

This is a live one dedicated to all those people who love short hair, more than anything else dedicated to men but the rules are also valid for women.

To you who always want ultra-short hair for fashion or convenience, no matter the reason, but short hair makes it difficult to hide defects.

However, we must not only consider the oval of the face but the whole head, including the sides and back.

There are men who with a certain type of cut highlight the back part of the head, which turns out to be very flattened and certainly not aesthetically beautiful.

Do you believe it is only the prerogative of women to be beautiful? It is also an important pleasure for men!

If you have a very large head on the sides and the hair is cut very much above, the result will be a swollen head on the sides and the whole will look like a triangle! The plate on top and swollen on the sides.

Each of us is unique! So what is good for one person, it may be that one is not good for another and so on.

If you have a slightly elongated head and you have a hairstyle with your hair standing up .. result: you will find yourself with a face that will seem even longer and you will be even more penalized aesthetically.

Your image is very important and hair is a fundamental part of your look! It is crucial and possible to correct the natural shapes of the head, with a correct distribution of weights you can fix more defects than you can imagine, even keeping a short cut naturally, but always proportionate!

Why can we do it ?:

  • 12 years of the academy.
  • 16 years of journeys with one of the greatest stylists in the world.
  • A series of courses aimed at studying the proportions of the face and head.

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