The hair is ruined.

With the heat we sweat, we go to the pool to freshen up (chlorine), we go to the sea on vacation (saltiness), the heat in general .. the hair with all this dries, gets dehydrated, consequently, ripples, remains opaque.

As you may have guessed, we are talking about hair that ripples with summer, they become ugly .. especially those with medium-long hair, will notice the problems we have just listed.

This is the first of a series of live broadcasts in which we will deal with these issues, today we will concentrate on a single solution the solutions of the Revolution.

In this period, going to the beach or to the pool, it is normal to wash your skin and hair every day, or in any case a more frequent wash and if you are not used to using appropriate detergents for frequent washing, your hair gets stressed .. and you also get stressed because you are not used to washing them every day.

So many of you to be in order also to the sea, or you always tie your hair or spend a lot of time in front of the mirror armed with a hairdryer, brush or plate already the hair is drier, more stressing it so the situation does not improve definitely.

A typical phrase is “after the holidays I cut them” .. wrong! We must cut them first! If you want to avoid all this mechanism that we have just told you, start going to the beach with your hair in place, with an easy cut to handle yourself that stays in place without problems so you will be ordered with little!

Certainly, you need a cut made with full blade scissors, not with scissors or razors otherwise, all the problems we have listed will be amplified!

And what is the best way to get an adequate cut for the summer ?:

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