How many of you have tried at least once for convenience or simply to see yourself differently, your head with braids or you mothers who, before going to the sea, fill your daughter’s head with braids inserted.

This type of solution, certainly very comfortable, you are always combed, you don’t have to spend too much time in the evening to settle in to go out, you don’t have to bring too many products (creams, spray balms, oils for the hair)

All this may seem like a fairy tale to you, not having to waste too much time. But you know that having braids in the summer can cause significant damage, both to your skin and to your hair:

You burned your skin.

The most important is the skin burn that is inevitable when you expose yourself to the sun.

You certainly can’t wash them properly because the salt, the sand, the chlorine but simply the dirt are not properly removed from the skin or from the hair (they are trapped)

Think of the skin and hair not properly washed, they are not hydrated, they are not regenerated for maybe 2/3 months, yes, because this is the time you keep on the braids.

When you remove the braids you risk finding in your hands a lot of torn hair because the continuous traction inevitably leads your hair to fall earlier than expected.

  • There will also be lots of broken hair.
  • A lot of hair falls out.

A lot of hair broke.

  • In this period they look like tow, straw.

Surely you that you have made a beautiful braid head to go on vacation, you will find yourself in all these problems.

  • Especially not being able to wash and moisturize them properly, your hair will certainly be dry, dry, dull and stringy.
  • The major damages are not those visible right away, but they are those caused by free radicals when you expose the skin to sunlight (free radicals are an important co-factor in hair loss).
  • Or the damage caused by the continuous traction that tears the hair, leaving the follicles empty that are not yet ready to generate new hair (another serious damage that leads to an early thinning of the hair).

The best solution would be not to have them done especially in the summer.

Instead, opt for a cut that allows you to be practical, fast and tidy even on vacation without having to use the plate.

But if you are convinced you to want them at all costs, you absolutely want them, because in any case they are surely comfortable and you like the idea of ​​having this look, however, take into account the health of your skin and your hair, when you expose yourself to the sun use a protective cream or at least have the foresight to protect the skin with a hat.

Try to keep them as short as possible and above all, when you take them off, contact us for an appointment to have your hair regenerated remember that you, too, at home will need to help them by using the indicated products.

It is a service that we advise you to do as little as possible.

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