Oh you’re finally on vacation, you’ve been at the beach for a few days and you start to notice that your hair and your color are starting to change, you notice that the lengths are no longer the color you did, they became carrot-colored, your toes they are very dry in fact you can no longer manage them, when you wash them in the evening you are forced to fix your hair for 3/4 of an hour.

Indeed you remembered that you have also proposed to do it slightly darker because so much at sea a little lighten you…

and you actually make them a little darker it seemed like a good idea so the color will surely last me longer since I will wash them often and then I like swimming and diving so surely my hair will lighten more easily you make them darker, it seemed like a good idea.

In fact, all right, you went out happy also because you thought you had to cut them but Franco your hairdresser proposed you to cut them back…it was better so we cut all the tips that on vacation get ruined.

Help actually, all that Franco told you when you went to him came true

Think about it after only a few days at sea, the color begins to seem dull, almost opaque, yet as soon as you did it seemed perfect it was very shiny and shining. Looking at today, you seem to see clearer areas on the final part of the hair, but looking better also in the center and at half-length…

Not to mention the dry, unmanageable tips you no longer know what to make up in the evening to fix them.

Conclusion ruined hair and mood

This direct is for you that you experience all the summers the problems related to the color that loses brightness, brilliance and reflections. Today we give you another gem, another precious piece of information, another piece of the “Revolution system” created and designed to give you all the hair you’ve always dreamed of even on vacation.

Surely the first move to make before leaving for the holidays and before you redo the color is to come at least 2 times to make you regenerate the hair then the color…

This is because, the regenerant brings to the hair all those substances that are lost through washing, with exposure to the sun, with chemical treatments.

In doing so the color that we are going to apply will penetrate better and above all it will last longer because your hair will be healthier, we have realized that if we continue to put color over color to a damaged hair, without first repairing it, this color in little time goes away and, to our eye it appears faded, dull, dull and the more we repeat this operation, the more our hair will get worse.

As has happened to our friend.

Another move is to cut them just to remove the most dehydrated tips but above all to have a cut that is comfortable and quick to fix.

Also because at the sea you don’t want to be a slave of the hairdryer and the plate?

At Revolution whenever we do a technical service, before the holidays and immediately after we do our regenerating. The hair if chemically treated is more sensitive, especially when we expose ourselves to the sun or to the chlorine of the pool it suffers damages that, added to those more or less strong that are given by chemical treatments worsen the structure.

Remember if you leave for the holidays to contact us in advance to regenerate your hair to then color it and cut it we take the appointment directly for the return so as to return to work with a wow hair

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